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Experience. Execution. Excellence.

About etexofab

If there's one industry that never goes out of work, it's fashion. It might get old and change but it never stops. Whether your style is modern, traditional, eclectic, or anywhere in between a major part of it essentially depends on the fabric being used. And if fashion is the building everyone wants, Textile industry is the foundation it can't survive without.

Keeping that in mind, we at Etexofab, decided to come up with a digital marketplace for the textile industry that is universally accessible and lets them makes sales and purchases sitting miles away from the other party.

Etexofab is the country's leading classified platform that deals solely with the fabric market. We provide local buyers and sellers in the country a direct and easier access to other buyers and sellers.

The aim is to empower textile merchants and manufacturers to find the desired material, in required quantities, at the most reasonable rates, that too without paying extra commissions, and thereby making sure that both parties (at buying & selling end) make maximum profit and get regular uninterrupted business.

Our plan is to consistently keep adding something worthwhile to your business deals - weather it is the ease of selecting dealers by price range or checking the delivery time by a buyer. You can sell and order without risking your privacy.

Etexofab's aims at helping the Textile community by serving their needs in the simplest and fastest way possible. The same target is always achieved by listening to the advice and grievances of community, innovation, efficiency and simplicity.

We are the friend who is helping you with the pros and cons of the market.

ETEXOFAB, decided to come up with a digital marketplace ,delivering the best available fabrics, prices, people & market intelligence for buyers, dealers and fabric manufacturers worldwide.

Etexofab's vision stands on the pillar of 3 E's. Experience. Execution. Excellence. With the good fortune of a team headed by 3 people who have had connection and experience in the Textile industry, we strive towards excellence through perfect execution of your deals.

Our main target is to have a parallel digital textile industry that allows the industrial giants as well as the small merchants equal and business opportunities. Readily available material, quick comparison of rates, quality checks and complete satisfaction of community members on both, buying and selling end, without any losses due to brokerage.

We don't believe in dreaming unreally big. We set daily targets and gradually move towards that big goal of becoming a marketplace that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime without any hassle or risks.

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