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Textile News   >     17-12-2017 - Sunday

  • Textile labour association celebrates 100 years
  • AHMEDABAD: Quietly in one of the large halls of Majoor Mahajan complex at Lal Darwaza, the Textile Labour Association (TLA) on Monday morning celebrated 100 years of its existence.
  • Sewa founder Ela Bhatt presided over the function. Exactly a century ago on December 4, 1917, 'Motaben' Anasuya Sarabhai had organized the textile labour force under one umbrella organization mentored by Mahatma Gandhi. It was the Majoor Mahajan which imbibed Bapu's principle of trusteeship and the very first non-violent protest organized under Bapu's leadership. Back in 1917 textile workers in Ahmedabad were demanding a 50% hike in plague bonus. After a long battle based on non-violent protests called 'EkTek' (One resolve), the mill owners finally relented and the victory led to the creation of the Majoor Mahajan Sangh.

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